S. S. Henry Hadley
The Liberty Ship S. S. Henry Hadley, constructed during World War II to haul goods and troops to the battle zones. Liberty ships were produced in assembly line fashion, the Hadley taking only one day longer than the average late-war construction time of just 42 days. Although not regarded as beautiful over 2700 were built and they made an outstanding contibution to the war effort.The S. S. Hadley was built in Jackson, Miss. by the St. Johns River Shipbuilding Company, and served on the New York - Cherbourg run.The Hadley was scrapped in 1972.  (photographer unknown)
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Special thanks to Ray Brubacher for assistance in obtaining this image.
Two million dollars in war bond sales were required to earn the naming rights to a Liberty Ship. Inez Barbour Hadley helped launch it on August 8, 1944.